Grant Holders

Janis Raphael Thamm


Janis Raphael Thamm

Being a medical student of Ludwig-Maximilians-University and Technical University of Munich, Janis Thamm joined a one-year research program under the status of a Harvard Student Intern. Integral part of his research work is the isolation and characterization of stem cells in order to regenerate different types of tissue. Upon completion of his research training, he will enter the final clinical year of his medical studies.

Magdalena Siwek


Magdalena Siwek

In 2018, the Foundation granted yet another scholarship, this time to Magdalena Siwek, who finished her MSci degree in physics and astronomy at the University of Glasgow in 2017. Ms. Siwek has been accepted into the Harvard Graduate School of Arts And Sciences’s Astronomy PhD program, where she works on simulations of supermassive black hole mergers and gravitational wave calculations under the mentorship of Lars Hernquist. She will presumably be graduating in 2023.

Matthias Trefs


Dr. Matthias Trefs, MPA'18

Dr. Matthias Trefs was our second student in Harvard, who has now successfully finished his degree "Master in Public Administration" (MPA). This professional degree requires at least 7 years of work experience before you can apply for the degree course. As this course is a mid-career master, this study is not supported by any German funding grids (DAAD etc.).

Juliane Steffens


"We were our most critical, challenging, and engaging selves."


The first scholarship was paid out in the form of an interest free loan to Juliane Steffens to support her studies for a Masters of Laws at Harvard Law School. Juliane received her degree in May 2016. Congratulations Juliane!
Please find a short report about her time at Harvard Law School here:

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