managing board

In the managing board of the Harvard Scholarship Foundation Germany e.V. the presidents of the five Harvard Alumni Clubs in Germany united the power of the individual clubs with their strong member communities for the purpose of promoting the Harvard educational experience.

Dr. Tobias Pusch, LLM ’02, President of Harvard University Alumni Club of Berlin e.V.
President of Harvard Scholarship Foundation Germany e.V.

„My time at Harvard was transformational on many levels. I met amazing and inspiring people from all over the world which I now call my friends. Harvard has opened my eyes to a myriad of opportunities around the world and it has given me the confidence and provided me with the drive to pursue them.”


Prof. Dr. Eckart J. Brödermann, LLM ’83, President of Harvard Club Hamburg e.V.
Vice President of Harvard Scholarship Foundation Germany e.V.

„My time at Harvard was intensive, inspiring and full of energizing meetings with inspiring people. The same is true for my life within the Harvard community worldwide ever since.”


Dr. Christian R. Otterstedde (Medical School), President of Harvard Club Rhein-Main e.V.
und Vice President of Harvard Scholarship Foundation Germany e.V.


Dr. Volker Baas, MPA ’88, Former President & Officer of Harvard Club Rhein-Main e.V.
Treasurer of Harvard Scholarship Foundation Germany e.V.

„I had the opportunity to spend the academic years 1981/82 and 1987/88 at Harvard Law School and Harvard Kennedy School. This was an extraordinary experience for me from an academic point of view as well as in appreciating to get in touch with so many smart fellow students. It was for me an experience from which I have been benefiting since then professionally and personally. I am grateful to be part Harvard.”


board members

Peter Graf von Hochberg, MPA2 87, President of Harvard Club Rhein-Ruhr e.V.

“Having been at Harvard has been a critical building stone and basis of my professional and personal life. Without having been there I would not have become a member of this elite global community, would not have started (and finished with retirement) my wonderful career, would not have developed the global perspective and social responsibility level I have always tried to have, and (last, not least) would not have met my wife.”


Michael Schröder

“My time at Harvard has been formative in many ways. Having met excellent professors that always had an open ear, smart and diligent classmates that became friends and having drawn from Harvard's rich extracurrucular activities has inspired me to this day.”


associated board members

Christine I. Wallich, HBS '97

“Harvard transformed me as thinker, practitioner, and as a person. Harvard gave me superb academic training, and exposure to a great faculty and the ability to develop close life-long friendships with fellow classmates. It instilled in me a life-long love of learning and a dedication to pursuing humanitarian service.”




Daniel Keller, Treasurer of Harvard Club of Berlin e.V.

„At Harvard I was surrounded by amazing, smart, experienced executives from 50 different countries. I loved hearing different viewpoints in an atmosphere of openness and healthy debate. I felt Harvard made me a better, more well-rounded person and leader.”


Axel Brugger, Assocated Booard Member of Harvard Club of Berlin e.V.

"When I arrived at Harvard in the summer of 2007 one of the first things I noticed was the carved inscription in the stone arch above the gate leading into the yard: "Enter to grow in wisdom." On the other side of the gate, those leaving read the message: "Depart to serve better thy country and thy kind." This sums up the Harvard experience for me. It's never only about learning and understanding, but also about giving back to society and helping others. Establishing the Harvard Scholarship Foundation Germany makes good on that commitment: We want to make sure students with limited financial means also have the opportunity to pass through the Harvard yard gates."


Jan Sibbersen BA’2000, Vice President & Treasurer of Harvard Club Rhein-Main e.V.

"I can say without exaggeration that my time at Harvard has developed and defined me more profoundly as a person than any other experience in my life so far. People at Harvard tend to look at things on a greater scale, typically on a global scale. At the same time, nearly everyone I stayed in touch with eventually gave back to society in one way or another, being acutely aware what a great privilege and honor it is to be part of this second to none world-class institution."