Road to Harvard Essay competition: Journey to Harvard University

The 6 Winners of the “Road to Harvard” competition are preparing for their journey in October. They will travel to Boston and spend five days visiting the campus and institutions of Harvard University.

They were selected by members of the Harvard Clubs in Germany out of nearly 80 applicants who had handed in their essays and motivation letters. 25 students were chosen as finalists. Lea, Luca, Mieke, Ailie, Annabel and Jessica, with their specific interests and impressive commitment to social, medical, political and artistic causes, convinced the evaluators that they were most deserving of this prize.
These past few weeks we have been planning the trip, and writing emails to professors, admissions officers and alumni in the Cambridge area. Ailie would love to attend a lecture by Steven Pinker and Luca would like to meet Ron M. Walls. We are working hard to realize the dreams of these young pupils, whom you can get to know through a small presentation in the jpg attached.

Parts of the donation and contributions by the Harvard Clubs and their members will be used to finance the journey to Harvard. To make the trip a really unforgettable experience for these promising students of the future we would like to ask your support.

A donation is possible via bank transfer or per paypal Account holder: Harvard Scholarship Foundation Germany e.V.
IBAN: DE67100701000043722800
Please provide in the purpose of the transfer your name and your address for the donation receipt. Please don´t hesitate to write us to or call us on telephone +4930206295364 if you have any further questions or encounter any difficulties.

Thank you very much for your attention and your support of the Harvard Scholarship Foundation Germany e.V..

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