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Thank you!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our donors and supporters. Your support makes it possible for the next generation of young, talented people to visit or study at Harvard University.

The Harvard Scholarship Foundation Germany e.V. aims to support young people from less privileged backgrounds to gain access to higher education at one of the world´s best universities. In this way, we work for a more inclusive society, one that integrates future young leaders who otherwise may be left behind. It benefits us all. Let´s not forget that women have only been allowed to teach, research and study at universities like Harvard since the last century. For too long, their access to education at this level was also restricted, depriving the world of many potential breakthroughs. Once given the opportunity to study, many of these women made it their life´s work to make universities more inclusive. Our donors support this same goal today, with their financial support. 


Corporate Donors

€ 5,000 by Berliner Volksbank https://www.berliner-volksbank.de/mitglieder/miteinander.html

John Harvard Circle

€ 5,000 and above

€ 20,000 by an anonymous donor

John Harvard (1607-1638) was the university´s first major benefactor. He donated half of his estate and his library of over 400 books.

Ann (Radcliffe) Mowlson Circle

€ 2,000 and above

Christian Koehler-Ma, MPA ’86 & Ruby Ma
Rayd Abu-Ayyash, ’01

Ann (Radcliffe) Mowlson (1576-1661) donated some of her money in 1643 to found the first endowed scholarship at Harvard. When the women's annex to the university was chartered as a full college in 1894, it was given the name of Harvard's first female benefactor.

Mary Ingraham Bunting Circle

€ 500 and above

Marc Staeding, MBA ’93
Christine Wallich, HBS '97
Stephan Zoll
Ulrich Schuerenkraemer
Michael und Antje Kraft
Tobias Pusch, LLM ’02
Geoffrey Samuels
Ruby Köhler-Ma, MPP '85
Florian Forstmann, MPA2 '99
Daniel Keller, AMP

Mary Bunting (1910-1998) was a microbiologist and became Radcliffe College's fifth president in 1960. She was responsible for fully integrating women into Harvard University.

Helen Maud Cam Circle

€ 50 and above

Beate Hofmann
Volker Baas, MPA ’88
Martin Bell, MPA ’12
Benjamin Scheerbarth
Marie Louise Ryback-Jansen
Tobias Bueschel
Stefan Wisbauer
Lars Ludwig, AMP183
Daniel Keller, AMP
Peter von Borch
Axel Brugger, MPA ’08
Marius Kohler, LL.M ’04
Jonathan Silverman

Alicja Leszczynska
Tobias Pusch, LLM ’02
Andrew Hubbard
Rut Steinhauser

Helen Maud Cam (1885-1968), distinguished authority on English constitutional and medieval history, became the first woman tenured at Harvard in 1948, thus ending “a 312 year masculine reign.”